lifetime quest

I spent all day yesterday setting up a new blogging home over on Ghost.

Has the experience been smooth sailing? No.

Do I like any of the themes? No.

Have I spent hours and hours and hours trying to change the blog title font size on the homepage with CSS code that just isn't working? Yes.

Am I about to chuck my laptop out the window? Very likely.

The main reasons for wanting to switch over are:

Idk. Am I just making busy work for myself? No platform is ever going to be perfect.

Also. The prospect of transferring allllll my posts over to another platform seems daunting. Is this even possible? Would I break a bunch of links doing so? (As you can tell, I'm not tech-savvy in the least).

The back-to-work date is looming. I'm dreading giving my days away again in exchange for making ends meet.

We're all in a cost-of-living crisis, though, aren't we? It's tough out here.

What a luxurious thought...making money by doing something that grants joy and meaning.

That sentiment is almost as elusive as trying to find kindred spirits. A quest that could possibly take a lifetime.