Lax day


I’ve been fighting with my photocopier all morning. Making zines is fun but also deeply frustrating. Arrrg! Maybe I should just stick to blogging. Although, I do love utilizing my tiny scribbles/drawings in some analog capacity. Maybe I should just make an art zine, instead of struggling to figure out what to write about. These thoughts actually keep me up at night, btw. What a gripping life I do lead!

Muskoka has been keeping me up all night (noise phobia) for the past two weeks, and I feel beyond sleep deprived. I know having a dog and caring for a kid isn't the same thing (obv), but I feel like these past few weeks have been a pretty good indication that I made the right choice in not having kids.

During the day though? sleeps like a champ. vmb

From A Master List of Dating Advice by Katherine Dee:

vmb Riot. Women really do love their notes app, though.

Well, not much on the radar today aside from perhaps taking in a patio meal and cider at the pub with my sis in a bit. Lax day :))