It’s been a tough week. I met up with my dad the other day, (which is a hit-and-miss affair since we’ve always had a tumultuous relationship) and it left me so emotionally drained and sad. I won’t bore you with my daddy issues but even after all these years, it’s still so hard to let go of the past, forgive people, (yourself included), and just move on with life.

I haven’t felt the urge to draw much lately. A few sketches here and there, mostly with inky pens. I used to wake up every morning and draw for a couple of hours before work, but lately, I’ve been wanting to get cozy on the couch and read blogs instead, like this one from Wesley, recounting recent travels and discussing tiny life updates, and from Anh, walking us through her design process for her website.

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I downloaded an RSS reader and added all my fav blogs and wonder why I waited so long to do this. I really appreciate it when writers make their web homes inviting and RSS-friendly. Winnie’s latest post talks a bit about this, and it’s this thoughtful approach to tending to one’s website that makes reading personal sites so appealing.

I received a postcard from a friend yesterday and it made me happy. There’s something so magical about receiving a handwritten note through the mail. (This reminds me that I need a new bulletin board to put above my desk and to get more of my art postcards printed again).

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I’ve been thinking of my time at the cottage this summer and how I miss waking up, hearing all the birds singing, and seeing the ducks swimming up to the dock.

Sometimes I think, could I move up here? Away from everyone, the busy streets of the city, the constant construction, and the sparsity of greenery? Maybe. But then I’d miss the bookstores, the tiny cafes, and the chance run-ins with friends and strangers.

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