Lasso me the stars

Tunes, coffee, and a drawing sesh.

Forget the moon, lasso me the stars...


I slept a solid 7hrs last night but behold! I'm still so bloody tired. Like I could take a nap tired. What is wrong with me? Stress? Not exercising enough? I need to move more, think less.

My youngest sister is thinking of organizing a cabin stay up north for the whole fam, to attend in June. But my dog and my other sister's dog can't come and will have to be boarded. She insists that the owners don't like dogs, but we all know it's because she doesn't like dogs lol. How someone cannot like dogs is beyond but whatever.

Firstly, boarding him would be financially astronomical, and secondly, I just don't want to. I don't want to be away from him for a whole week...neither does my sister with her dog, so who knows. Plus, the cost of staying there is too much for me. Groceries are hard enough to handle, never mind a lavish getaway. Although, it would be so nice to just be away from it all. I guess we'll see.

I started watching Deadwood last night but couldn't get into it. It was recommended to me since I liked Justified so much, but idk, just wasn't feeling it. I put Picard back on, but that didn't clutch my interest either. I ended up putting Seinfeld on and falling asleep.

Sweet Dreams -Marilyn Manson
Bullet in the Head -Rage Against The Machine