journaling with cards

I feel anxious this week and have been pulling cards for solace. Mostly to journal with and open myself to seeing other perspectives/unperceived internal messages.

As I was shuffling, this tiny thought came over me to pull cards for you, dear reader:) I've never pulled cards for others before, but a part of me thought, who knows, someone might chance upon this page, needing some comfiness too. ✨🦄

The magic of happenstance and synchronicity <3

So...without further do, looking at the cards below, which pile seems to call out to you?

Pile 1, 2, or 3?

Do any of the three stones appeal to you more than the others? Don't spend too much time deliberating; just go with your gut feeling:)


I'll post the reveal later on tonight:) See you then!

#oracle cards