Is it swetha weathaaa yet?

It's been slow going over here these past few days. Maybe the oven-like heat has me feeling like complete lazy bones, idk. I need Fall! I need crisp, chilly-willy weather...swetha weathaaa.

Been enjoying playing with pencils/charcoal again lately:


So...I finally put together my Buy Me a Coffee page, and i like it! I like how I can also upload some of my zines as digital downloads. It's a cute way for folks to give a one-off "coffee tip" if they like the things I've pointed them toward or enjoy my writing:)

I also wanted to add a way for regular readers of this blog (ty! i love u) a way to support my blog on a monthly basis. ❤︎

It's fun to try things out and see what sticks!

Heading off to the library soon to pick up a few books. I usually read fiction on my kobo, but i miss curling up on the sofa with a physical book. Plus, library books smell divine, don't they?