Inky pens

Been spending time in my sketchbook these days. It’s been helping me turn my brain off.



I mainly use two inky pens to draw with: the Platinum Carbon Ink Desk Pen (my fav), and the Uniball Eye Micro pen.

They’re water-resistant, and the Uniball is fade-proof, which is a bonus if you want to add a wash of color.

My color palette choices never seem to work out, which is why a couple of black pens feel less intimidating. Drawing/painting with color is hard!

In other news, I am finally getting two days off a week now starting this weekend, and I’m ECSTATIC!!!

I’ll have to work longer days throughout the week, but I don’t care. I want a full weekend to be able to unwind and not have to open my work laptop at all. 🙌