I'm alive

The pain is treacherous and ever-present, but I've managed to wean myself off the opioids.

The surgery went well. The surgeon put all the broken pieces back in their proper place and is happy with the results. Grateful.

Now: recovery.

Slow, slow, slow.

I feel tired a lot.

My view this morning: vmb

Mostly, I've been staring out the window, listening to music, journaling, talking on the phone (a lot), texting (a lot), and watching shows (I'm rewatching Girls...I love this show so much). Haven't done anything creative, as my energy levels are out of sorts.

My sister is still here with me at the apartment... probably for the next few weeks. Thank the universe for her. She's feeding me small meals (lots of protein and veggies, and half the amount I would normally eat because I'm hardly moving)

A few therapists will be coming by this week to start passive treatment. Acupuncture, slow movements, keeping my lung capacity nice and full. Looking forward to that.

Trying my best.