i like writers who take risks

I read a blog post this morning from a writer I casually follow. It was a nice and uplifting post. But it was also a safe post.

I poked around a bit through his blog, and as knowledgeable as he is, his writing feels guarded. Which is fine; he comments on tech and social media and peppers a few personal things here and there, but it made me think about what kind of writers I like and why.

I like writers who take risks.

Risks with subject matter, word choices, opinions, feelings, thoughts...

I like writers who aren't afraid of thinking out loud on the page and sharing bits of themselves that might present as awkward or uncooked.

I'm not saying to unleash all personal traumas out to dry, but I want to feel like a writer has shared something precarious.

I like a writer who plays dare...and leaves it for us on the page.