I fell....again.

This morning, while walking my dog around the block, I fell on the icy sidewalk and slid for an eternity like a baseball player gunning for home plate.

Both hands and knees are shredded to bits. Fuuuuuuucckkkkkk was all I could mutter as I slowly made my way up. Why do people swear so much when they get hurt? Well, according to Wiki:

Swearing in response to pain may activate the amygdala, triggering a fight-or-flight response. This then leads to a surge in adrenaline, a natural pain relief.

I kind of knew this, as I had read it before, but I still felt inclined to look it up again.

As I was making my way up, I noticed a car parked and running right beside me on the street, and you'd think they'd poke their head out and ask if I was ok? Nope. NOPE!

People suck sometimes. They were probably sitting in their car, sipping their coffee and having a roaring laugh at my expense. Granted, seeing someone fall is always funny, but still! Hopefully, they were on their phone and missed the whole damn thing.


Here are a couple of pics of some dazzling ice as proof that it was extra wintery out there this morning:



Happy Friday to you allll:) ❄️