i deleted Facebook

Mondays are my half days off, and what did I do that morning? I drank coffee, sat on the couch, and scrolled various nonsense on my phone.

The entire morning.

Click. Scroll. Read. Repeat.

I wrote an “I’m deleting Facebook, so please email me if you want to stay in touch” post because people are following my life very closely and will definitely notice my absence. Ha.

Then came the deactivate or Delete button…I hovered over these two options, and on a rushing whim, I clicked Delete.

It felt anti-climactic.

Besides the app being a privacy nightmare, I don’t enjoy my time there. The only meaningful interaction I have there is with my two aunties, seeing pics of my grandma, and chatting with a few exes or people from various past jobs.

Plus, why does Facebook read like a tabloid magazine from the grocery store?

IG, on the other hand, I’m still not sure of. Deleting IG would feel like a higher-stakes move. I use it mainly for my art account, but spending time there doesn’t feel good either.

Instead of it being a place to share my art process and a few pics of my dog, this app wants me to either buy something (a lot of things) or show me how to better present myself as a brand/product. Plus, there's the terrible algorithm and low engagement, which makes you think what's the point? IG is the hamster wheel of social media.

The only app I enjoy using is Twitter. I know, I know…It’s often deemed the worst of them all, but I don’t know. I’ve curated my feed to have zero news and follow mostly artists and writers. I like its fast-moving quality and the ability to post trivial, mundane things without worrying about it being too perfect.

On my web travels, I came across this other tiny platform where you can post updates without the fear of the comments section. It’s called Thoughts. It feels like a mini journal. A place to archive random ideas/thoughts away from the bustle of busier platforms.

I’m sure if I deleted all social media, I’d still no doubt find something else to scroll.

Not sure what the answer is. I’m sorry if you’ve read this far looking for some prescriptive post about getting off social media. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

I just want some moderation. I don’t want to wake up in the morning with my eyes still blurry from sleep, squinting and scrolling to see what I’ve missed.


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