Hey Universe

I think the waitress forgot about us. It’s all good; not in a rush, but I can hear her talk-flirt with this guy, talking a mile-a-minute, and it’s actually endearing but also arrggg...just pls pls bring me my next drink.

As far as work days go, it’s not so bad. Ciders. Pub food. Watching the world go by. My sister is working on her phone.


The visit with my dad was hard. He’s out of it. In and out of sleep, in his living room chair, with his blanket. Just past him, I could see the many pill bottles on the kitchen table, all standing attention in a group. His wife, in the bedroom, watching tv with her earphones on, effectively tuning us out; a break for her, no doubt.

Aerosmith is playing in the background. Not even sure why I’m writing this here now. Getting tipsy, perhaps? I hardly drink anymore, so this feels good. A reprieve.

My sister is starting a new job. So is my bestie. I have another friend who’s moving. Another friend who’s getting married. Everyone is moving along. Fast speed ahead, no blinkers. New things are on the horizon. Me? Same shit, different pile, lol. Fuck do I ever need something new. HEY UNIVERSE! send me something brilliant….send me something fun, something new. Pretty pls, with a cherry on top.

There's this guy sitting up at the bar, who clearly loves the sound of his own voice. He's talking AT this girl near him...having a one-sided convo? Bonne chance my dude.


I truly and honestly don’t know why I’m attracted to people's darkness. Why do I like sad things? My sister is the utter opposite of me. How do we have such different realities?


Let me woe you with my current sonic line-up:

Hey Michael -Wallice, marinelli. V catchy. The lyrics are trés fantastique; amusing. Kinda want to dance around in my living room to it.

Soft Spot -Claud. Blurry nostalgia. A I still love you song...

Blame -Gabriels, Bloodline. "Can't be a captive if it's where I want to be...." I feel like I'm in a smoky jazz bar...

Kenny -Still Woozy. Hazy.

Magnetized -Laura Veirs. This whole album is becoming a fav. That voice. Peaceful.

Sante Fe -Beirut, The Rip Tide. Snappy. Nice beat. Strong like.

crushcrushcrush -Paramore. Every song I uncover with this band quickly climbs to the top of my likes list. The lyrics...yeah.

Dive -Nirvana. An underrated sonic gem.


The melody=that initial fast rush-crush you feel in your chest. The lyrics=The deep steadiness of being seen that changes you forever.