Hey, Hi, Hello

I feel out of practice on the page. It's been a minute since I've written here.

Let's see...

My fingertips are all calloused up. Most of my time has been spent practicing my guitar. Songs I've learned so far: Can't Do Much, and Be Good by Waxahatchee. I love her voice. It bends towards country kinda, sorta, but it lends itself well to the acoustic guitar. Oh, also, Knockin on Heaven's Door.

Mostly, I've been learning new chords and getting comfortable switching between them quickly. Practicing chord progressions and strumming techniques, too. Having something new to focus on has saved my wayward mind.


I've been walking around putting full weight on my leg now. About time right? My muscles are still shaky and jelly-like, but I feel like I'm in the home stretch. Everything is coming up Milhouse ;)

Muskoka is still with my sister, and I can hardly wait to have him back to take him for walks again. I miss our hikes through the trees.

I've been obsessing over Rose Byrne lately. How gorgeous is she? I watched her in Platonic with Seth Rogen, and now I'm in the third season of Physical. Can't get enough of her.

Also, I've been watching alllll the Xmas movies. Mostly the classics. But a new-ish one I love is The Boy Called Christmas; adorable.

My writing feels rusty. Je m'excuse. Should I return to daily blogging? Perhaps. The inclination to do so seems to be amping up, oh so softly.