good news + some punkety punk

I saw the surgeon yesterday, and he said I could start putting minimal weight on my leg! Finally, some good news. He said I was still very stiff, though, and should be working a lot more on my range of motion. I thought I was doing pretty good, but I guess I should be further along?

Anyway, I'm happy that things are moving forward. Slowly but surely.

Watched an interesting doc last night. Apparently, the band Death, often attributed as proto-punk, preceded The Ramones? If you love punk/metal...this doc will not disappoint. Fantastic watch. A Band Called Death.


I'm on my own again for most of the day. My sis Val might be popping by for a bit, and my massage therapist will be coming at 4:30pm.

Well, that's about it for today. Happy Sat:)

Carnival—Bikini Kill What a catchy song....ROUND ROUND ROUND!!!
Round, round, round
I'll win that Mötley Crüe mirror
If it fucking kills me