Gippy Pippy

I used to have a cat named Gispy, whom I called Gippy Pippy. He traveled across Canada with me—twice. From Toronto to Vancouver, and back again.

He was an adventurous cat who would often go missing for days, only to return with battle scars as proof of his thrilling romps—a bitten ear!

He was kind of a mean cat (they're all batty, imo) who would often bite and scratch me, which made me swear off cats for the rest of eternity.

When we moved to my last apartment, he started to disintegrate. Coming from our old house, with its big backyard overlooking a vast field, living in an apartment made him miserable.

He hated being cooped up.

At this point, he was 16 years old, and when I brought him to the vet, they said he had a disease that would be very difficult to manage.

Putting him down was heartbreaking. The hardest thing about being a pet parent is making those hard decisions. (An animal's only fault is having such short lives).

I miss his free little spirit.


Here are a few cat drawings from this past week...

Even though I'm much more of a dog person (sorry, Pippy, I'll always love you), I still love drawing cats. 😺



These drawings are up in the shop if they should strike your fancy!

Made with ink & markers.



Happy Caturday 😽