Get outta here kid, you got no future

One of my arty friends reached out this morning to push me to sign up/apply for some upcoming art fairs in the fall. She wants me to group together about ten pieces to submit for review, and I'm almost laughing at the mere prospect. Yikes. My palms are sweaty just thinking about it. What pieces would I even gather?

What if they say: Get outta here, kid, you got no future; I mean, I just don't think I can take that kind of rejection.

Hmmm...could be fun, though. Maybe this is the new thing to push me out of my comfy zone. Something to think about.

Finished piece from yesterday:


Happy Friday:))

Underneath It All -No Doubt. My fav No Doubt vid…esp the end when she has zero makeup on + white tank ❤️‍🔥