Gems, movies, and a quiet week

On morning walks with the doggo, I always notice little gems around the neighborhood.

I’ve walked these streets since July, and I always seem to find new tiny treasures.

Like this wondrous green door, i love it.


I watched a few fav movies this past week: Reality Bites, Lost in Translation, and Her.


Lainie, this is all we need. . . couple of smokes, a cup of coffee. . .and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks.


My fav Coppola movie…she captured the feeling of wanting human connection and needing to be understood in such a tender way.


The colors, the soundtrack, the melancholy undertones…Her is such a beautiful movie.

I had my yearly review at work today, which went well… fingers crossed that I’ll be eligible for a bonus this xmas.

I only have a few days off around the holidays but looking forward to a quieter week.