Flick me

My dog needs new meds. The ones he’s taking are making him worse. He’s over-the-top noise-phobic about everything and anything now.

I had to jump in an Uber at 1 a.m. last night to go to my friend’s house just to get some sleep. But I hardly got any sleep there either, as his apartment faces a busy street, which had construction going on all bloody night. Construction at 2 a.m.??

I just had a quick phone call with the vet to help titrate his meds, and she sent a new script. BUT, when I went to the pharmacy just now to pick it up, the pharmacist said the second page of the fax was blank, so she couldn't fill it...and now the vet's office is closed. hahaha I'M F'N CURSED!!!!




Beat Your Heart Out—Distillers ❤︎ (i like the vid)