Extroverted hermit

I’ve always felt on the outside of things. When I think about societal milestones, I haven't ticked any of them off. Marriage, kids, owning a home, etc. Which is ok; if I wanted those things, I would've pursued them.

I was a bit of a Nomad growing up after my mom died. Hitchhiking across Canada, living on beaches, getting high with my bf, and flitting from job to job.

Sometimes it's hard to relate to the people around me, though. They've got families and a "career," mortgages. Maybe I just never liked the idea of being tied down. I like the feeling of I can get up and go anywhere if the mood strikes kind of thing. But the flip side of that freedom coin lies a bit of loneliness.

I have a small nexus of friends, some I’ve had since I was young, and I love them all, but I never had the need to have an exorbitant/robust circle of friends. I love hanging out with them, but after I do, chilling out at home for a few days to decompress is a must. When I'm in their company, I'm a huge chatterbox and genuinely have fun laughing and fucking around, but idk; I love my alone time.

I'm a daydreamer, a head-in-clouds kind of person, and can keep myself entertained with my various interests for days on end...so makes sense that I'm like this. Just gotta make more of an effort to see said friends.

We Don't Have to Dance -ACTORS
Where Do I Begin -The Chemical Brothers