Everywhere, everywhere

Everyone is going through their own personal battle. Wherever that needle lands on the intensity continuum, it's still obstacles to conquer.

A friend of a friend got into a severe collision yesterday. He's lying in a coma with a brain bleed; his body fragmented and broken. We don't know if he'll make it through.

A dear blogging friend messaged me this morning and told me she's been in the hospital for the past three weeks and is about to start treatment for a severe health condition. My heart breaks for her. I'm so worried about her. Sending her all my love.


Sorrow everywhere. Slaughter everywhere.
—Jack Gilbert



Life feels precarious. Dark. Humbling.

My natural bend towards self-expression, being vulnerable with the people I love, and giving voice to my creativity feel heightened. Purposeful. My sole aim. An urgent call.

I seesaw between having great resolve, grit, determination, and utter breakdown.

I'm still crying a lot. Turbulent hot tears. About my leg, the forced confinement, and the long road ahead; my dad; lost love/friendship. It feels good to release and expel the build-up of fears, despair, regret, frustration, and the loss of what could have been.

Trying to make it through. Doing the best I can.


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