dips and hides

Bed, to the couch, to the bed, to the kitchen table, to the couch, to the bed, to the couch.

The sun at every hour...I can trace its pattern as it moves across my bedroom things.

Time dips and hides, and I've lost the resolve or the care to check its exact measure. I've fallen into a simple rhythm of surrendering to the day's cadence.


Matisse, 1941

I'm now deep into S2 of Girls. I forgot how mean Hannah is to Adam...she chased him for months, then finally, finally, he comes around, and what does she do? She loses interest and starts fucking some other no-name guy (???). I love Adam; he's the best actor on the show, for sure. It's at the part where Hannah is living with her gay (bi?) ex-bf Elijah...they're adorable together. Makes me want a gay bestie (who doesn't live across the country…hi A lol) to cuddle in bed with, to which there's zero sex chem...just pure cuddles.

I tried drawing this morning but quickly shoved it aside; my interest in making things is still lacking.

I rather stick my earphones in, listen to music, write emails to friends, sip my coffee, or chat on the phone.