CSS woes and web hearts

I've been trying to add a subtle gradient background for my blog, mostly because I saw Kelsey do it on her blog, and now I'm dying to try it on mine. I love your blog, Kelsey!!

(I noticed on her blog that she might have disabled Dark Mode because when I turn mine on, it's the same gradient background regardless of light/dark mode).

So, this is what I put under the Body section:

Background: linear-gradient (#ffffff, #e9e4f0);

I thought it worked, but then I got a gracious email from a reader who said that in Dark Mode, it was making the background white and basically turning my whole blog into a gigantic mess.

(I also tried using the words background-color, and background-image. No idea. Grrrrr. Perhaps it's time I invest in learning basic css/html once and for all.)

How/where do I insert this code so that adding a gradient background doesn't affect Dark Mode? I tried adding that code to the .Root section and—nothing. Tried researching this online and I'm not getting anywhere. Can anyone help meeeeeee?

📣 A big huge THANK YOU to Alice for becoming a monthly paid member to this blog!! Oh. My. GAWD! I might have done a mini happy dance in my kitchen this morning while making coffee :D


📣 A big, enormous THANK YOU to Brandon for buying me a cup of coffee after our compelling conversation about money and blogging on Mastodon. This hot topic is near and dear to me, and to be able to discuss these varying viewpoints in an intelligent way was really special to me. The convo made me think about things in a new way.


It's funny, because the blogs and articles that I want to read, like Xandra, are personal ones. Midnight musings, a day in the life of. Heck, I spend hours watching YouTube videos of artists just going about their daily errands.

Me too Frills!


Ps. Hey, my Toronto-based friends...did you watch the game last night? ahhh GO LEAFS GOOOOO!!!