country diary

My apartment doesn't have power.

They're doing some kind of maintenance.

The air is hot and thick, and I'm pining for some AC.

Took the doggo out for our morning walk and stopped at Timmies to get a coffee and breakfast sandwich, then remembered I had to walk up four flights of stairs bc—no power.

K drove me back to the city last night, and as much as I miss being in the country...coming home to my own apartment and bed felt nice.

As I was falling asleep, I saw the tiniest of ants crawling up my arm, and immediately murder, death, kill for that little guy and of course I then googled what would happen if an ant crawled into your ear and nothing good came out of that.

I distracted myself by watching some ASMR and fell asleep in my perfectly temperature-controlled bedroom (K's apartment is a veritable icebox).

** his mom crocheted me a shawl(!!!), and I think my heart imploded. Nothing says i love you more than here...I made you something.


country sunsets & trails


the trail where I got devoured by an army of carnivorous mosquitos

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out-the-car-window photographs