Condo land

So, it looks like my building will be torn down for a new condo. Fantastique!

Wtf is up with all these damn condo's in Toronto?

There are five houses next to my building, all vacant except one. She's a doctor who works at the hospital down the street, and was harassed for five years to sell her home and wouldn't budge.

She was the last man standing until yesterday when I saw a moving truck parked in her driveway.

They offered her 8 million dollars. I guess it was an offer she couldn't refuse.

Our official notice will be in December, but the landlord told me the news during our brief chat yesterday.



My future feels harrowing. It's either I find a higher-paying job or move out of Ontario. But to where? Back to BC? Not a chance...it's just as expensive as it is here. Go back to Winnipeg to be with some family? But then I'm leaving family and friends here...