come back little raven

Have you been watching all the spooky movies lately? I haven't begun yet, but I might start with House of 1000 Corpses, and 3 From Hell. Mostly bc my sister hasn't seen them yet, and they're disgusting, gory classics. I love me some crazy Sheri Moon, lol.


Maybe a little Lost Boys too...


YouTube snippets this morning:


I'm stuck inside and missing my favorite season. I miss crispy fall hikes. Crunchy leaves beneath feet. Spooky deco houses. Coffee-sipping strolls around the neighborhood. Sigh.

I see my surgeon on Friday. I hope my X-rays show improvement. Also, I can't wait for him to give me that shorter brace that only goes over my knee instead of this full-leg number that’s driving me insane.


Come Back—Misfits, Glenn Danzig Come back little raven, and bite
my face
I'm not alive for anyone
You gotta come back
Right back to me