Cocooned in blaring music

I pulled out a journal I'm still half-using from my shelf this morning. I leafed through a few pages dated from last year September. So many little notes about blogging and making a tiny home on the web. Kinda warms the heart.

Notes/lists I wrote:

awww there are bits of writing about people I met through blogs around that time. Those first impressions are everything to me...this is why I love writing in journals!

Anyway, I guess those tiny notes are still things I think about, but it's also making me think about this newsletter/email blog I'm working on. Is an email blog less charming than having a permanent place online? Idk. But maybe that's what I like about emails...they're more ephemeral? God, I am overanalyzing this to hell.

I thought I had settled on a platform...Buttondown. But! Goodness, the archives page is so unappealing. I like that it's a barebones platform, I like the guy who runs it, but I'm an artist...I like things to look pretty! and well, since I don't know how to code, I'm finding it hard to make it look good.

The other platform I'm looking into is Beehiiv, and it's gorgeous. BUT! haha (why is there always a but?)...it's expensive if I want to implement certain bells and whistles like private posts. arrg.

What to do, what to do. Forever in the middle.

I have a golden knack for making everything complicated.


New issue of Aswirl! Love these concrete poetry zines. vmb


Doodles from this morning: vmb

Have you been watching The Witcher? Love it. I destroyed it last night, staying up way too late...one more episode to go, which I'll save for tonight.

I also finished Survival of the Thickest, how watchable is Mavis? and the movie Happiness for Beginners which made me want to book a week-long hiking trip...and that letter (poem) he wrote her at the end of the movie? ::swoon::

Cocooned in blaring music this morning...

Archie, Marry Me -Alvvays. C'mON! this song is overly adorable.

Just like Heaven -Dinosaur Jr. This cover is top shelf. I love the screams in the middle of it, nice touch. It's one of my fav Cure songs...

Fuck The World -The Queers "I hate this shitty life, Fuck the world I'm hanging out with you tonight"...cute.

Dont Think Twice, It's All Right -Bob Dylan. "I'm on the dark side of the road, But I wish there was somethin' you would do or say, To try and make me change my mind and stay." Can't get more poetic than Dylan...