Cataloging a life

Reading Ithaka's blog post got me thinking about my private writing versus my public writing.

I have so much writing scattered across myriad notebooks, writing editors, pages, notes, old blogs, the cloud, social media apps, etc.

Do I need all of these containers? Sometimes I feel these various platforms evoke different aspects of myself, affecting my writing.

My private writing is a mish-mash of unfinished thoughts, drawings, ideas for projects, and a disregard for unpretty words or clever sentences. I write fast, unbridled. Copious tangents and rants. Deviant notions and gushing obsessions.

My public writing feels restrained, edited, light, safe, and reined in. Bland?

I wish I could merge my writing style into one place. Scrap the private journals and write more publicly. Blogging marshals my thoughts in a way that personal journals can't achieve. Just thoughts...I need to ponder this a bit more.

It was nice to be off today, doodling, reading, eating, and watching shows. I'm on S3 of A Discovery of Witches; it's so good!

A couple of drawings from this morning:



The chaos of work resumes tomorrow, and I’m trying not to think about how busy it will be. Sigh.