Capturing the everyday

Remember when IG was full of breakfast photos and out-of-focus shots of ordinary things? Before the overly stylized pics and the mega influencers? This is the IG I miss! Pics of the everyday. Tiny details of ordinary lives.

I’ve been thinking of putting together a little photo diary on my blog. A place to archive these moments away from social media. A quiet corner for ordinary snaps.

I doubt they will be of much interest to others, but having a dedicated home for these photos makes me feel good and reinforces the notion that what I see, and how I see them, matters!

What about you? How do you showcase the bits and pieces of your surroundings?

A few pics from this week...


Taking snaps of florals around the neighborhood like an old lady


I love this green and orange combo...


Always books books books


My little guy


Day of the Dead


These fall walks are truly my favorite


This is how he stares at me while I'm working until I give him a treat...


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