broken bones; broken heart

Had a good cry this morning. The pain. The road ahead. Just everything.

A part of me feels like there's nothing left to write.

Time. Life. Fragile. Fleeting. Precious.

They say to follow your heart. But what if that leads you to exactly nowhere.

Idk. I thought we'd make it through. I thought he'd eventually see. Feel. Come around. I wanted to give him everything...but he refused to take it.

Again and again. Trying. Hoping. Waiting.

He keeps pushing me away...yet moments of pulling me close.

I know a part of him wants what I want...yet reconciling all the moving parts into making it a reality is too much for him. Idk...maybe I'm wrong.

I thought being open with him about my feelings would bring us closer together, but it just seemed to push him away...freak him out. Idk.

Is it too much to ask to have things go back to the way they were?

Broken bones. Broken heart.