Bloggo friends

"One of the great things of wandering a sea of personal blogs is it feels as if I’ve been traveling through people’s backyards, living & dining rooms, bedrooms (some mischievously dark) and so forth in their uniquely beautiful minds." -Blogs are the soul of the web

Ray, your blog post gave me goosies...how wonderfully written. Your enthusiasm across the page is infectious, and I couldn't agree more. ;)

I received two bloggo emails this morning, one of them actually bought one of my drawings a while ago, and it's sitting on their shelf in an actual real frame. Whaaaaat??🥹 I've never felt more elated! Thank you S :))

The other email: from France! Bonjour C!! So happy to meet you:)

A wonderful bloggo morning indeed.

It's my day off today; the sun is out and she's not even being a tease; looks like she'll be out all day:)

Going to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 with a friend later....suppose to be good, so looking forward to that. (plus, movie popcorn and sour candies....yum)

But first—breaky with another friend.

Wtf is happening today?? Life can indeed be sweet:)))


True Believers -The Bouncing Souls