Bloggo Friends, and the One-A-Month Club

Bloggo Friends

I wanted to send a little shout-out and congratulations to my bloggo friend Lili on her one-year anniversary on Bearblog! Congrats Lili!! Always keep writing <3.

For a long time, I wanted to be part of a coterie of writers, and that wish has been fulfilled here on Bearblog. The email exchanges, the shout-outs, the camaraderie...I feel lucky to be included in this gang of talented writers!


(Updated March 18th, 2024)

So...it's been just over a month since I introduced my BMAC page, and I'm still figuring things out. It's been challenging!

In the spirit of transparency, it's been quite...discouraging. Very few people have signed up for the monthly support.

There are three monthly tip jar tiers to choose from depending on your financial comfort level: Notes, Diary, and Letters. All three tiers allow me to write on this blog without having to paywall any extra content.

If you find value in my writing or if I've pointed you towards things you love, consider becoming a monthly supporter! It would mean the world to me <3

I realize my writing is kind of weird in the sense that I don't write prescriptive posts, give tips on how to do life, or provide in-depth analysis of current world affairs (lol). I write a lot of lists that might not make sense and probably borders on bad poetry. I write maudlin posts on love and loneliness. I'm not for everyone, nor should I be.

I see in my analytics (don't worry, not Google! Bearblog gives me a snapshot of human-reads my posts have received) that I have a lot of regular readers (a lot!), but unfortunately, those numbers aren't translating into monthly support.

I don't know what to do at this point. Do I keep trying? Do I keep going?

I came across an interesting idea by Manuel Moreale, which propelled the project/website by Jarod Blundy called the One-a-Month-Club, and I can't stop thinking about this concept. The idea: A collection of blogs and other web projects that make supporting them both simple and inexpensive by offering access to everything for as little as $1 per month.

The idea of making everything free and open on this blog and having a minimal one-tier amount seems easier than trying to come up with extra content. I always feel like I'm never providing enough extra posts to make it worthwhile for people's contributions.

With this project in mind, though, I'm not sure it would be a conducive avenue for someone like me who wants to make a living/side living as a blogger. I think it's mostly for writers who want to cover their website costs, which is great!

Idk. I wish I could write to you from a more confident and inspiring position, but this is the reality of my experience right now. I need to give this more thought. To be continued!

Tiny drawing from yesterday morning: