Blogging is my Rome

I’m a smitten kitten over my blog. I love tinkering with it, talking blog things with other bloggers, taking photos for it, obsessing over the neat-o stuff I want to write about, sharing zines/books/links/music snippets, and hanging out on the couch writing with a beverage, in my own little world. The whole thing is fun, and I derive so much pleasure from it. Even just the sound of my fingers over the keyboard—so cozy!

Sketchbook peek








i love drawing butterflies with ink


Current thoughts:

We’ve chatted a few times? They posted one post that resonated with me? I’m included in theirs and I should return the favor? I’m subscribed to their RSS feed? I love every single thing they post?

So not sure how to move forward. After perusing some blogrolls of current internet friends, I was kinda crushed to see I wasn’t on some of them. I'm not for everyone to be sure...but it's hurtful nonetheless. I also noticed that the same people always show up on these link pages. All the heavyweight champs of the blogging community are front and center. Like a giant circle jerk of semi-famous bloggers.

But i want to discover the tiny tiny ones...the ones that aren’t so shiny. The ones that quietly share their obsessions.

Idk. I love sharing a few links within my actual blog post. It's kind of like a snapshot of what I’m consuming/loving at the moment and expressing my enthusiasm for them.

Need more time to think about it :)

And without further ado...

✧you're my internet crush✧

Photo booth





artsy tree shadows