Black as Midnight, Black as Pitch

9:59pm. Laying in bed, in my boxers and a tank. The window is cranked wide open, and a nice cool breeze is coming in. I love sleeping with the cold air coming in…

Thinking about my friend J, who has to sleep with the lights on in her room. She’s scared of the dark lol, too cute. For me, I need pitch black. Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch. Can you guess what movie that’s from? One of my favs.

Anyway, yeah, I need absolute darkness. It’s cozier that way. I usually fall asleep to a podcast or something as even the tiniest (repeating) noise will drive me crazy. I’m on the top floor of my apartment and I can sometimes hear the fans on the roof, whirling and making this ever-so-slight high-pitched racket. I can’t stand it. So, on goes a podcast to drown it out.

My doggo is beside me, snoring softly, and he’s just the cutest most precious thing. I love when he’s having a little dream, and his paws and ears start twitching. Adorable.

I was going to start watching Picard, but not sure I’m quite in the mood for it yet.

I’m liking laying here in the quiet. It’s peaceful. I spend my day talking to a million people on the phone, then on my walks with the doggo, or my own walk/jogs I have music playing in my ears…so it’s nice to just lay in the quiet.

I can hear the faint sounds of cars, and the trees swaying in the wind. Tempted to go sit out on my balcony for a bit. I used to spend a lot of time out there, (my old apartment not this one) when I used to smoke, but I quit cold turkey 6 years ago. One day I just threw the half-pack in the trash and haven’t smoked since. I don’t miss it, but when I have a drink, every now and then, I wouldn’t mind having a quick puff. But it’s never just one cig is it.