Band tees

7:47 am. Wrapped up in a blanket on the couch drinking my first coffee of the day, writing on my phone.

Didn’t get much sleep. My mind wouldn’t settle. I watched a bit of Picard, which is amazing so far, then switched to some stand-up, then some ASMR vids on YouTube.

By 1 am, got kinda sleepy so I turned it off and put on my podcast, by which point I felt wide awake.

Got up at 6:30 am. Why so early? Why can’t I just f sleep?

I miss my old band t-shirts, I have no idea where they all went. Lost to time I guess. Metallica, Pixies, the Cure, Nirvana…but it’s my old GNR one that I miss the most for some reason. It was soft and beat up and the comfiest of tees.

I do tend to throw a lot of stuff out. My apartment feels minimal; zero clutter. The one thing i do tend to collect unintentionally are books. Three full shelves! Need to do another book haul and give some of them away. Oh, and a plethora of zines; I treasure them though, and hardly ever give them away. The more I move, the less stuff survives to see the next apartment.

I start work late today, so looking forward to some drawing time. Tunes, coffee, drawing; the perfect morning trifecta.

Should head soon to walk the doggo, but it’s raining out so not sure how long of a trek it’s going to be.

A dry update if I ever wrote one; just felt like writing whatever while I drank my morning coffee.