a 'za + sleep

I didn't sleep at all last night for two reasons.

Firstly, there was a severe thunderstorm that cropped up, and Muskoka panic-panted until 3 a.m. The new drugs I’m giving him aren’t working as good as I thought.

Secondly, there was a knock on my door close to midnight?, and when I opened the door (mistake mistake mistake), I was greeted by my neighbor's gothed-out gf.

My eyes flited down to her bare feet and then back up to her mascara-smeared face.

"My boyfriend threw my phone over the balcony and kicked me out without any of my stuff, can you go talk to him"

....and this is how I got sucked into my neighbor's coked-up drunken lovers quarrel.

Long story short: they fought until 3am and then fucked loudly until 4 (thin bedroom walls).


Tonight: might order a 'za (maybe I'll live on the edge and try some new toppings), find something new to watch annnnddd that's probably about it. I need sleep.

Watched the horror comedy Renfield yesterday. Nic Cage was his over-the-top self channeling Lugosi. A fun, gory watch, but I liked him better in Vampire's Kiss.

Been listening to The Strokes today...love them.