A week of rain

It’s been raining for a week straight and hasn’t stopped. I hope it lets up soon so I can get back to some trail walks. The more often I spend in the woods, the better I feel.

I’m all caught up on Yellowjackets and now have to wait till…Sunday? for the next ep. Whyyy do they insist on making us wait?

I tried reading a bit but my mind/attention is shot. I think I reread the same paragraph three times, before I finally decided to put the book down. I used to love reading….I’d devour book after book…it was my getaway. But now? It’s a feat of humanity to finish anything at all. Books piled high on my nightstand, untouched.

Almost done work. It’s so dark and gloomy out I might crawl into bed early and try and find something to watch.

A friend mentioned today that there’s a few strains of weed (raspberry kush?) that’s optimal for nighttime. I used to smoke a lot of pot until it started making me anxious. But willing to give it another try to see if it can help me relax a bit. We shall see.