A glacial affair

I’ve been trying to get my dad’s record player up and running, and the whole thing is driving me nuts. I’ve been trying to find the right wire for the speakers…but then what? where does the other end of those wires go? I’ve watched a few YouTube vids and still can’t get it together. I think I’m missing a receiver/amplifier, which his wife kept for some reason.

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a wifi record player (It’s coming tmrw!). I’ll put my dad’s turntable in the bedroom and slowly set it up over time.

With online music, I’m still enjoying Bandcamp and the radio, but the one thing I miss is the ability to create playlists (hey Spotify, i kinda miss u). Maybe the answer is an amalgamation of various platforms for different purposes.


minmin loving her work lately...

heart status:

Working towards a self-love practice. I know it sounds trite and tired, but I’ve never actively prioritized this before nor implemented any suggestions I’ve been given or read.

Self-reminder: Do the thing > reading about the thing

Journaling about: Unlearning internalized invalidation. Managing my expectations with friendships. Realizing that life is cyclical and nothing stays the same—not even heartbreak.

Self-love—a glacial affair. One tiny act layered between other tiny actions. A daily recommitment.

My emotional terrain feels more leveled out lately. The spikes of grief seem less chaotic. Some days are better/worse than others, of course. There are slivers of memories that intrude while performing daily tasks; some are welcome, while others I gently push away.


some pencil scribbles from this morning

I just finished watching S1 & 2 of Heartstopper. Heart-melting show. I love how they incorporate little drawings throughout the episodes to emphasize electric feelings and thoughts of love. The cast is lovely and not overly glitzy, which is refreshing.

Also watched two-thirds of The Matrix Resurrections, last night but fell asleep. That isn’t to say I didn’t like it (i did!), I guess I was dead tired. I’ll finish it tonight...