a blog calling-card via a zine

I go back to work tmrw after being off for 6 whole months. I feel slightly nervous. Sad. Defeated?

On the positive side, it feels like I'm injecting one more piece of daily normalcy back into my life after the accident.

Sketchbook drawings for upcoming zines:



I made a simple one-page zine over the weekend. A sort of calling-card for my blog. Things I included: who I am and the various themes I write about, a music list of current songs on repeat, quotes I like, drawings, and a snippet of a popular blog post.

I've stuffed a few of these in some little libraries around the neighborhood and other secret places. Hopefully, serendipity takes over, and people can discover my tiny bloggo via a zine!


Tonight, the evening feels quiet.

I'm making myself a coffee and contemplating a hot bath to unwind my mind. I didn't get much sleep over the past few days, so hopefully, I'll zonk out quickly later.

I signed up for a really cute email platform with PencilBooth today. It's made for artists, and it allows your art and photographs to shine front and center. It's simple and free to use for your first 100 subscribers.

I'd love it if you'd sign up! There's no algorithm, and you can unsubscribe anytime. You'll receive a message from me every so often—once a week max. I'll mainly use it to tell people about new art and zines I've added to the shop and other small life updates.

You can sign up below if it interests you <3

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