10:43 am

Morning thoughts:

In your zine, have a tiny piece of paper for someone to write on and send back to you, which could then be added to a new collaborative zine.

Thoughts locked behind subscriptions at every turn. Everything is deemed premium! Even dinky personal blogs.

I’m simultaneously for and against locking writing behind a gate. I like the privacy aspect of it, and money would be nice, because: food/shelter. But also: Capitalism. Can’t win. It’s all a mess.

Substack is loud; ditto for Mastodon.

I miss writing on TinyLetter. It felt cozy, private, and only for a select few.

what a shame i couldn’t win your heart

Writing for a zine is a deep practice in delaying immediate gratification.

Tennessee Williams:

I am sitting at my kitchen table waiting for my lover to arrive with lettuce and tomatoes and rum and sherry wine and a big floury loaf of bread in the fading sunlight. Coffee is percolating gently, and my mood is mellow. I have been very happy lately, just wallowing in it selfishly, knowing it will not last very long, which is all the more reason to enjoy it now.


Homewreck Wifey -Slothrust