10:13 p.m.

Good evening. It's a party of one over here: Pinot Grigio, music in my ears, and a bit lost in my own world.

Probably pass out soon since I slept exactly 3 hours last night.

Started watching Fallout. I never played the video game, so I feel like I'm missing out a bit, but it's a fun watch nonetheless. Goggins is aces, as usual. I miss watching Justified.

Wish: bank error in my favor, collect 5,000.

Last week: a bleak hellscape.

I'm sinking into a wine cloud...also, I think this wine is giving me heartburn. Ugh.

I'm in bed, the duvet pulled up, with my laptop on my legs. My blinds are pulled down halfway so I can see the twinkling lights of the far-off city skyline through the trees.

It's 10:13 p.m. I'm hungry. Although for what, I'm not sure. I'm not typically a late-night snacker. But maybe Cheerios?

Some things about you don't really change...yet. Yet change sneaks up on you, and one day, you're doing things that look nothing like the person you once were.

I'm listening to a playlist I made last October. Omg, these songs bring me back to when I first broke my leg, lying in bed, unable to move an inch. Staring up at the ceiling, crying.

I miss my ex. I know. Fuck. No more wine for me.